Apr 24, 2010


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Finally got time to update the expired video links (silverlight streaming) in my previous posts.

Setting into my new job , the future looks exciting, hopefully I will have time for some good posts.

Aug 19, 2009


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This is a Behavior I created to allow Drag and reposition items in WPF Control that extend ItemsControl. After applying this behavior the user can at runtime click and drag any item while holding the control key.

I created this behavior to support a application which required ability for the users to reposition items like icons on a desktop.

Here is the screen cast of the sample application demonstrating this.

Aug 17, 2009

Selective Debugging for WPF Binding

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Have you ever pulled out your hair trying to figure out why / why not a particular value is (or not) being set on your control , what was wrong with the binding?

I have seen people suggest exotic solutions where in there used a special converter so that they can debug the value being bound, or turn-on WPF tracing which generates a huge volume of trace statements that you will have to filter, well i found a easier way to debug just the one binding that matters by specifying a  binding attribute.

   1: <UserControl

   2:     xmlns:diag="clr-namespace:System.Diagnostics;assembly=WindowsBase">

   3: ...

   4: ...

   5: <Grid>

   6:   <TextBlock VerticalAlignment="Center" Text="{Binding Name,diag:PresentationTraceSources.TraceLevel=High}"/>

   7: </Grid>


this produces following output in your trace log

   1: System.Windows.Data Warning: 54 :   Path: 'Name'

   2: System.Windows.Data Warning: 56 : BindingExpression (hash=42296571): Default mode resolved to OneWay

   3: System.Windows.Data Warning: 57 : BindingExpression (hash=42296571): Default update trigger resolved to PropertyChanged

   4: System.Windows.Data Warning: 58 : BindingExpression (hash=42296571): Attach to System.Windows.Controls.TextBlock.Text (hash=56437836)

   5: System.Windows.Data Warning: 63 : BindingExpression (hash=42296571): Resolving source 

   6: System.Windows.Data Warning: 66 : BindingExpression (hash=42296571): Found data context element: TextBlock (hash=56437836) (OK)

   7: System.Windows.Data Warning: 74 : BindingExpression (hash=42296571): Activate with root item CPUPlugin (hash=28857250)

   8: System.Windows.Data Warning: 104 : BindingExpression (hash=42296571):   At level 0 - for CPUPlugin.Name found accessor ReflectPropertyDescriptor(Name)

   9: System.Windows.Data Warning: 100 : BindingExpression (hash=42296571): Replace item at level 0 with CPUPlugin (hash=28857250), using accessor ReflectPropertyDescriptor(Name)

  10: System.Windows.Data Warning: 97 : BindingExpression (hash=42296571): GetValue at level 0 from CPUPlugin (hash=28857250) using ReflectPropertyDescriptor(Name): 'CPU'

  11: System.Windows.Data Warning: 76 : BindingExpression (hash=42296571): TransferValue - got raw value 'CPU'

  12: System.Windows.Data Warning: 85 : BindingExpression (hash=42296571): TransferValue - using final value 'CPU'

Jun 12, 2009

Cool Stop motion video made with Post it notes

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and here is how it was made…

Jun 10, 2009

Sliverlight Application Framework

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Here is the screen cast of demo which was built on top of the sliverlight application framework that I was working on for sapient labs. we will be hosting this application on the cloud (azure) shortly…

Part 1

Part 2

Apr 12, 2009

Expression Blend 3 Preview

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Looks like VS 2010 editor and the blend editor have some code base.. I was pleasantly surprised to see C# intellisense in blend, I was only expecting XAML intellisense.



Aug 30, 2008

Hug a Developer :)

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Aug 17, 2008

Windows 7

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image Check this out "Engineering Windows 7" blog ... this reminds of the start of the longhorn blogs... and this is the 3rd time I am seeing the words "open and honest" in articles on Windows 7 :)

Aug 13, 2008

C# 3.0 for Linux

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This is awesome Mono implements the complete C# 3.0 spec with full support for LINQ

Add to that have a Parallel LINQ bits too...

Aug 12, 2008

ShaderEffect Templates & Build Tasks

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Checkout the ShaderEffect Build Tasks as part of WPF Futures release...