Jul 4, 2008

My first Silverlight Game

Posted by rravuri

SilverCarrom is My first Silverlight Game.

Carrom is a game that I played a lot in my childhood in India. I guess anyone from India in my age group must have played it sometime or other.Carrom is game similar to the game of Pool. Here instead of spherical balls we have small coin shaped objects.
For more information on Carrom visit www.carrom.org . Visit http://www.ehow.com/how_2124269_play-carrom.html for more information on ho to play this game.

This code uses the Farseer Physics Engine that was developed by Jeff Weber of Farseer Games.

Here are some of the To do items that I intend to work on when i have time...
  • Implement scoring
  • MultiPlayer ( Player Vs Computer & Player Vs Player )
  • Physics Engine Bugs
  • Game Varitions
  • Help / Options

Here is the screen shot of v1.0 , I intend to upload the entire code soon.