Aug 12, 2008

ShaderPad - WPF ShaderEffect's Workbench

Posted by rravuri

splogox ShaderPad is a application like XamlPad / LinqPad , it is meant to server as WPF ShaderEffect Workbench. The ShaderEffect is a PixelShader based Effect that an be applied to any UIElement in WPF. This feature is available only in WPF 3.5 SP1


This release also includes the ability to animate the input variables that are passed to the ShaderEffect. This is a quick and dirty release :) , so expect some instability...

In next release will add the ability to load effects from a common location on web, and save to web, this allow people to more freely share their effects.

Pre Requisites
.NET 3.5 SP1 : Download.
Direct X SDK : Download June 2008.

Download Download the Releases and source code at CodePlex.

Lookout for Effects releases soon....

Update: Example Blending Effects here

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Patrick said...

Excellent idea!
The ability to share is also a great idea!